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The only question is: how to get Robert and Isolde to take him along Elke Heidenreich writes about her favourite pets with a engaging sense of humour and a great deal of knowledge, well aware of the similarities between the world of the cat and "reals" life. Website des Autors.

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His protective instincts rushed to the fore. Alternatively, we also recommend the SuperNova! Een kitten adopteren. Jared measured a neat six-four and two hundred twenty pounds of pure sinewy muscle. Over het algemeen volstaat het om een Ragdoll 1 keer per week een borstelbeurt te geven, in de warme periodes soms wel wat vaker omdat ze anders meer last van haarballen kunnen krijgen. Biscuit and Lefty: A Cat's Tale. Het is altijd goed om vooraf te weten wat je het meest aanspreekt in een bepaald kattenras en naar welk ras je op zoek gaat voor het overgaan tot een aankoop ervan.

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To address this question, we estimated demographic parameters for canonical panthers only Appendix S3, Supporting information. However, we used estimates of temporal variation in vital rates estimated for the overall population as described previously. In addition to population growth rate, we also investigated how genetic restoration affected the probability of extinction.

Most of the overall stochastic elasticity was contributed by elasticity to the means of parameters; contribution of temporal standard deviations to overall stochastic elasticities was substantially smaller Fig. The intercepts for probability of reproduction and adult survival were the next most influential parameters Fig. Patterns of elasticities data not shown were similar to those for the overall population.

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Take a look at our wonderful cats who are eager to find a loving home. A Cat's Tale is an all volunteer, no-kill, feline rescue group based in the South Bay area. Directed by Susan Helen Emerson. With Troy Garity, Mara Lane, Michelle Rodriguez, Dominique Swain. A young domestic "indoor" cat named Marcello escapes.

However, these probabilities were higher for the canonical population with the higher starting population size than those for the overall population with the lower starting population size Fig. S2 A and C, Supporting information. These results suggest that improved demographic performance of the population was due primarily to improvement in demographic parameters attributable to genetic restoration; demographic benefits of an additional eight females were much smaller.

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With many species being impacted by increased habitat fragmentation, the question of whether to restore gene flow between isolated populations or not is likely to arise often in the future. Detailed case studies on the demographic mechanisms of genetic restorations are key to improving such guidelines. Our goal was to objectively evaluate the effect of genetic restoration on the dynamics and persistence of the Florida panther population and to discern demographic mechanisms underlying the population increase that occurred following the genetic restoration. The probabilities that the population would fall below 10 and 30 panthers i.

Second, we have not considered potential effects of factors such as catastrophic events, climate change, invasive species, and anthropogenic influences e. The probability of extinction was by far most sensitive to kitten survival Fig. These results represent a combination of the effect of a parameter on extinction probability and uncertainty in the estimate of that parameter, and are most usefully interpreted as a guide to future research. It is not possible to address the question of what would have happened to the Florida panther population without genetic restoration directly, but we attempted to address this issue indirectly by conducting a series of analyses using estimates of demographic parameters for canonical Florida panthers.

Retrospective LTRE analysis revealed that most of the observed increase in population growth rate was attributable to improvements in kitten survival in response to the genetic restoration, followed by prime adult survival. Thus, improved survival of kitten and prime adults in response to genetic restoration likely turned the declining panther population to an increasing one. Finally, we asked: would the panther population have gone extinct by now without genetic restoration?

Our results are consistent with these findings. Despite this, we disagree with the notion that the apparently inherent imprecision of PVA results makes them useless to science or management. An estimate of probability of extinction, even with wide confidence intervals, still represents an objective and quantitative measure of risk faced by a population.

Although the imminent demise of the Florida panther population appears to have been averted for now, the population continues to face a multitude of threats.

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Consequently, inbreeding remains a concern, and additional genetic management may be required to prevent future episodes of inbreeding depression. The south Florida ecosystem faces threats from many invasive species of plants and animals, which can alter prey availability; some invasive species e.

We thank D.

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Land, M. Cunningham, R. McBride, J. Benson, M. Lotz, D. Shindle, M. Criffield, S. Schulze, D. Giardina, A. Johnson, J. Kellam, L.