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Celebrating A PROSPERITY PHENOMENON! - A Revelation of The Day of Jehovah Tsaba

The good are compared to wheat Mt A poetic image representing the avenging Almighty armed with bow and arrows Ps , 3. Here the arrows are poisoned. Peculiarly appropriate, in reference to the burning pains which penetrated, like poison, into the inmost parts -- "spirit"; as contrasted with mere surface flesh wounds of Job's body. All the terrors which the divine wrath can muster are set in array against me Isa Neither wild animals, as the wild ass, nor tame, as the ox, are dissatisfied when well-supplied with food. The braying of the one and the lowing of the other prove distress and want of palatable food.

So, Job argues, if he complains, it is not without cause; namely, his pains, which are, as it were, disgusting food, which God feeds him with end of Job But he should have remembered a rational being should evince a better spirit than the brute. Salt is a chief necessary of life to an Easterner, whose food is mostly vegetable. To "touch" is contrasted with "meat.

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Ps ; ; No wonder, then, I complain. To desire death is no necessary proof of fitness for death. The ungodly sometimes desire it, so as to escape troubles, without thought of the hereafter. The godly desire it, in order to be with the Lord; but they patiently wait God's will. He says this in answer to Eliphaz' insinuation that he is a hypocrite.

God is here called "the Holy One," to imply man's reciprocal obligation to be holy, as He is holy Le What strength have I, so as to warrant the hope of restoration to health? Disease had so attacked him that his strength would need to be hard as a stone, and his flesh like brass, not to sink under it. But he has only flesh, like other men. It must, therefore, give way; so that the hope of restoration suggested by Eliphaz is vain see on Job Is not my help in me?

Charity is the love which judges indulgently of our fellow men: it is put on a par with truth in Pr , for they together form the essence of moral perfection [U MBREIT ]. It is the spirit of Christianity 1Pe ; 1Co ; Pr ; If it ought to be used towards all men, much more towards friends. But he who does not use it forsaketh renounceth the fear of the Almighty Jas Those whom I regarded as "my brethren," from whom I looked for faithfulness in my adversity, have disappointed me, as the streams failing from drought--wadies of Arabia, filled in the winter, but dry in the summer, which disappoint the caravans expecting to find water there.

The fulness and noise of these temporary streams answer to the past large and loud professions of my friends; their dryness in summer, to the failure of the friendship when needed. The Arab proverb says of a treacherous friend, "I trust not in thy torrent" Isa , Margin. A vivid and poetic image to picture the stream turbid and black with melted ice and snow, descending from the mountains into the valley.

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No one has so well revealed its true design as E. This God-given message of purpose and prosperity will encourage you to face uncertain times in a different light, reminding you that God is in control and faithful to those who love Him. The second day was devoted to mirth and joy for the return of Adonis to life. It was, in consequence of the introduction of the poetic element, more refined than the old Pelasgic worship for which it was substituted. Israel was rebuilding the temple, and Zechariah wanted to encourage them in that work.

First the stream flows more narrowly--then it becomes silent and still; at length every trace of water disappears by evaporation under the hot sun" [U MBREIT ]. They had seen the brook in spring full of water: and now in the summer heat, on their weary journey, they turn off their road by a devious route to reach the living waters, which they remembered with such pleasure. Not as English Version, "They go to nothing, " which would be a tame repetition of the drying up of the waters in Job ; instead of waters, they find an "empty wilderness"; and, not having strength to regain their road, bitterly disappointed, they "perish.

Job , 20 give another picture of the mortification of disappointed hopes, namely, those of the caravans on the direct road, anxiously awaiting the return of their companions from the distant valley. The mention of the locality whence the caravans came gives living reality to the picture. Caravans are first mentioned in Ge ; men needed to travel thus in companies across the desert, for defense against the roving robbers and for mutual accommodation. The companies. The Margin "like to them," or "to it" namely, the waters of the brook , is not so good a reading.

Job puts this mild construction on their failing to relieve him with affectionate consolation. And yet I did not ask you to "bring me" a gift; or to "pay for me out of your substance a reward" to the Judge, to redeem me from my punishment ; all I asked from you was affectionate treatment. If you can "teach me" the right view, I am willing to be set right, and "hold my tongue"; and to be made to see my error.

But then if your words be really the right words, how is it that they are so feeble? And what will your arguings reprove?

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Do you imagine --or, "mean. U MBREIT not so well takes the Hebrew for "as wind," as "sentiments"; making formal "sentiments" antithetical to mere "speeches," and supplying, not the word "reprove," but "would you regard," from the first clause. Ps ; metaphor from hunters catching wild beasts in a pit covered with brushwood to conceal it. Since you have so falsely judged my words, look upon me, that is, upon my countenance: for it is evident before your faces if I lie; my countenance will betray me, if I be the hypocrite that you suppose.

Yea retract, "my righteousness is in it"; that is, my right is involved in this matter. Will you say that my guilt lies in the organ of speech, and will you call it to account? Is it thus you will explain the fact of my having no consciousness of guilt? Translate it "appointed time" Job Job reverts to the sad picture of man, however great, which he had drawn Job , and details in this chapter the miseries which his friends will see, if, according to his request Job , they will look on him. Even the Christian soldier, "warring a good warfare," rejoices when it is completed 1Ti ; 2Ti ; , 8.

If the servant longs for the evening when his wages are paid, why may not Job long for the close of his hard service, when he shall enter on his "reward?

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I am made to possess --literally, "to be heir to. Months --for days, to express its long duration.

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Appointed --literally, "they have numbered to me"; marking well the unavoidable doom assigned to him. Literally, "When shall be the flight of the night? In elephantiasis maggots are bred in the sores Ac ; Isa More simply the Hebrew is, "My skin rests for a time and again melts away" Ps Isa Every day like the weaver's shuttle leaves a thread behind; and each shall wear, as he weaves.

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Address to God. Wind --a picture of evanescence Ps He is now in a softer mood; a beam from former days of prosperity falling upon memory and the thought of the unseen world, where one is seen no more Job , drew from him an expression of regret at leaving this world of light Ec ; so Hezekiah Isa Grace rises above nature 2Co The eye of him who beholds me present, not past , that is, in the very act of beholding me, seeth me no more. Thine eyes are upon me, and I am not --He disappears, even while God is looking upon him.

Job cannot survive the gaze of Jehovah Ps ; Re Not, "Thine eyes seek me and I am not to be found"; for God's eye penetrates even to the unseen world Ps It merely means, "He shall come up no more" in the present order of things. Ps The Oriental keenly loves his dwelling. In Arabian elegies the desertion of abodes by their occupants is often a theme of sorrow.

Grace overcomes this also Lu ; Ac Therefore, as such is my hard lot, I will at least have the melancholy satisfaction of venting my sorrow in words. Why dost thou deny me the comfort of care-assuaging sleep? Why scarest thou me with frightful dreams? Am I a sea --regarded in Old Testament poetry as a violent rebel against God, the Lord of nature, who therefore curbs his violence Jer The Egyptians watched the crocodile most carefully to prevent its doing mischief. The frightful dreams resulting from elephantiasis he attributes to God; the common belief assigned all night visions to God.

Perhaps the meaning is simply, "My soul chooses even strangling or any violent death rather than my life," literally, "my bones" Ps ; that is, rather than the wasted and diseased skeleton, left to him. In this view, "I loathe it" Job refers to his life. Let me alone --that is, cease to afflict me for the few and vain days still left to me.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. This erudite, eloquent and immensley thought- provoking work is A Prosperity Phenomenon: A Revelation of the Day of Jehovah Tsaba - Kindle edition by Don Pickney. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. A Prosperity Phenomenon - A Revelation of the Day of Jehovah Tsaba. likes. This New Book from Charisma Media is filled with revelation of the.

Ps ; Job means, "What is man that thou shouldst make him [of so much importance], and that thou shouldst expend such attention [or, heart-thought] upon him" as to make him the subject of so severe trials? Job ought rather to have reasoned from God's condescending so far to notice man as to try him, that there must be a wise and loving purpose in trial. David uses the same words, in their right application, to express wonder that God should do so much as He does for insignificant man.

Christians who know God manifest in the man Christ Jesus may use them still more. With each new day Ps It is rather God's mercies, not our trials, that are new every morning La How long like a jealous keeper wilt thou never take thine eyes off so the Hebrew for "depart from" me? Nor let me alone for a brief respite literally, "so long as I take to swallow my spittle" , an Arabic proverb, like our, "till I draw my breath.

I have sinned --Yet what sin can I do against "to," Job thee of such a nature that thou shouldst jealously watch and deprive me of all strength, as if thou didst fear me? Yet thou art one who hast men ever in view, ever watchest them--O thou Watcher Job ; Da of men. Job had borne with patience his trials, as sent by God Job ; ; only his reason cannot reconcile the ceaseless continuance of his mental and bodily pains with his ideas of the divine nature.

It is a figure, from one seeking a sick man in the morning, and finding he has died in the night. So Job implies that, if God does not help him at once, it will be too late, for he will be gone.

https://raisotenu.tk The reason why God does not give an immediate sense of pardon to awakened sinners is that they think they have a claim on God for it. The repetition of "pervert" gives an emphasis galling to Job Job He assumes Job's guilt from his sufferings. Thy children have sinned; God leaves them to the consequence of their sin; most cutting to the heart of the bereaved father. Make it the first and chief anxiety Ps ; Ho ; Isa ; Pr ; He would awake for thee --that is, arise to thy help. God seemed to be asleep toward the sufferer Ps ; ; Isa Bildad assumes it to have been heretofore the habitation of guilt.

The sages of the olden time reached an age beyond those of Job's time see on Job , and therefore could give the testimony of a fuller experience. We know nothing as compared with them because of the brevity of our lives; so even Jacob Ge Knowledge consisted then in the results of observation, embodied in poetical proverbs, and handed down by tradition.

Longevity gave the opportunity of wider observation. They will teach thee.

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Job embody in poetic and sententious form probably the fragment of an old poem the observation of the elders. The double point of comparison between the ungodly and the paper-reed is: 1. It and the flag, or bulrush, grow only in marshy places such as are along the Nile. So the godless thrives only in external prosperity; there is in the hypocrite no inward stability; his prosperity is like the rapid growth of water plants. So ruin seizes on the godless in the zenith of prosperity, more suddenly than on others who appear less firmly seated in their possessions [U MBREIT ] Ps The expression, "Hold fast," properly applies to the spider holding his web, but is transferred to the man.

Hypocrisy, like the spider's web, is fine-spun, flimsy, and woven out of its own inventions, as the spider's web out of its own bowels.