Alligator Marines: A story of the 5th Amphibious Tractor Battalion in WW II (2nd Edition)

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Now lives in Wakefield, Rhode Island. He earned the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. He passed away in Contact for family: AudreyElrod aol. Tank Bn. Family contact: B aol.

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Was wounded during the Peleliu landing. Anyone wishing to contact Palmer can send e-mail to nahast co. His son would appreciate any and all information that the members can give about his father. He never talked about his service time to his children. If any members have pictures that can be scanned and emailed to me that would also be greatly appreciated. Bronze Star receipient.

Family contact: djl juno. He received a Bronze Star while in Peleliu. Like many veterans of that era, he spoke little about his wartime experiences prior to his death several years ago.

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Killed in Action on Peleliu, September 15, B, d infantry 81st Wild Cats Division - Army. Humphrey was born in Killarney, Co. Kerry on May 12, and came to the USA when he was He never married nor had children.

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However, he left behind his parents in Ireland as well as 2 sisters and one brother. He was a tall, quiet man. Anyone remembering him, please contact me at mmciner schools. John was attached to the 1st Marine Division during the invasion of Peleliu. He was wounded in action by shrapnel from mortar shell for which he was awarded the Purple Heart. He also received the Presidential Unit Citation ribbon with star that was awarded to the First Marine Division, Reinforced, in this campaign.

E Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines. Now living in Grandville, MI. Naval Liason Officer directing fire from Naval ships offshore. Wounded by artillery shell the first day of the battle. After recovery, stayed in Navy long enough to establish a series of Universities in the Marshall and Gilbert Islands and was awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of Majuro. Born in Alapaha, Georgia, he raised a family and lived his adult life in Tift County, Georgia a successful businessman. A legend in the 1st Marine Division, Capt. Douglas had been an economics professor at the University of Chicago, and had enlisted in the Marine Corps as a private.

He never regained complete use of the limb.

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Over 90 drowned. History The United States' first role in amphibious warfare was inaugurated when the Continental Marines made their first amphibious landing on the beaches of the Bahamas during the Battle of Nassau on 2 March Historical Section The three divisions were the amphibious landing force for the United States Fifth Fleet and were notably involved in the battles for Tarawa , Saipan , and Iwo Jima , during the war. Some amtank commanders wanted a lighter weapon, easier to handle when swinging it around on a tank tilted on uneven ground.

He had served as a senator in Illinois. Lives in Wylie, TX. George served in the 1st Division for four years. This was his first battle and he was just He did go on to Okinawa as well, where he was wounded after about a month. Family contact: jwd ernstromdreste. Earned Silver Star during battle for Angaur Island. Gunner 60 mm mortar section Weapons platoon, L company, 3rd battalion, 7th Marines. Wounded on Peleliu on Oct. Also served on Cape Gloucester and Okinawa.

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Living in Cameron, La. HQ Co. Assigned as a forward observer with K Co. Hunt on the 'Point' on the extreme left during the invasion of Peleliu. He was also called up with the 25th Marines for Korea.

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He now resides in Albany, New York with his wife Catherine, and is the father of four sons and one daughter, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He can be contacted by email: ltcdoty localnet. Believed to have gone ashored with the 3rd Marines at Orange Beach. He was from Ville Platte, LA. If you knew him, please contact his oldest son at gjducote cox. Now lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

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Also fought at Guadalcanal, New Britain, and Okinawa. He was from Newton, MA. After the war he worked for the U. Postal Service for about 25 years. His grandson would like to hear from anyone who knew him. Jburke beansprout. Wounded at Peleliu.

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Fought on Cape Gloucester and Peleliu, wounded on Peleliu. G Company, 1st Marine Division. Unknown as to whether he survived the battle. Machine gunner. That afternoon we were attacked by two Japanese tanks.

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One was blown up by our Sherman tanks and the other one was knocked out on the Air field. My email address is: redhawk10 aol. DUNN, Tom.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Reading your account brought back memories of a time in our lives Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Alligator Marines: A story of the 5th Amphibious Tractor Battalion in WW II (2nd Alligator Marines: A story of the 5th Amphibious Tractor Battalion in WW II (2nd Edition) Kindle Edition. by. United States Marine Corps' 5th Amphibious Tractor Battalion in WW II (2nd edition) Alligator Marines: A story of the 5th Amphibious Tractor and millions of.

A survivor of Peleliu. He lives in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. He was wounded, possibly on Palau. He later became a poet and Wrote an especially inspiring poem entitled "Peleliu. Cpl, 1st platoon, Regimental Weapons Co.