Astronauts & Researchers Debunks NASA UFO Cover-Up

UFO Legacy: What Impact Will Revelation of Secret Government Program Have?
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Later, he added that the Challenger explosion wasn't an accident, either. Kaysing accused NASA of sabotaging the spacecraft before the crew of seven got the chance to expose the Apollo 11 coverup. His pamphlet gave the so-called "lunar truther" movement its first manifesto. One of them was Bart Sibrel, a filmmaker who's released two documentaries of his own on this subject. The Fox program enjoyed great ratings , as did a rebroadcast of the show that aired again a month later. However, scientists overwhelmingly denounced the one-sided special.

The turn of the millennium also saw an explosion of internet conspiracy sites, which furthered the spread of "lunar trutherism.

NASA Astronauts Discuss Extraterrestrial Life - NASA's Unexplained Files

In , Neil Armstrong was celebrating his 70th birthday. One of the cards he received came from a schoolteacher, who wrote "Dear Mr. I would like to point out that you, and the other astronauts, are making yourselfs [sic] a worldwide laughing stock, thanks to the internet. Armstrong forwarded the card to NASA, asking if the agency had ever publicly refuted these allegations. In fact, NASA had rebuffed the claims way back in That June, a press release from the organization dismantled Kaysing's major arguments.

After the Fox special, the space agency reissued the document. Still, the doubters weren't satisfied. James Smith, then the president of EDO, recalls that Sibrel held up a Bible and demanded that Armstrong place a hand on it and swear that he'd really gone to the moon.

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The conspiracy theorist was swiftly ejected. This wasn't the only time Sibrel filmed himself accosting an Apollo veteran. He issued the same spontaneous Bible challenge to many other space travelers, including Apollo 14's Edgar Mitchell. And as Michael Collins told Air and Space Magazine in , the conspiracy peddler once tried to corner him in a supermarket. For the record, Collins says that he finds lunar hoax theories laughable.

Buzz Aldrin, on the other hand, sure wasn't amused when Sibrel and a cameraman ran up to him outside a Beverly Hills hotel in Sibrel had lured Aldrin under the false pretenses of an interview. Once Aldrin arrived with his stepdaughter in tow , Sibrel started poking him with a Bible and unleashed a torrent of insults.

Yet to be proven by who? Yet to be proven in what way? So who requires what to be proven? It is becoming almost absurdly laughable that there are still ardent deniers at this stage. What internet are some of you looking at? The evidence in various forms is literally piling up now.

Look in the right places, listen to the legitimate people who have disclosed their direct and personal involvement. Hard physical evidence will not be allowed, not only for national security reasons but ownership permissions as well, specially for Government and Military people. But testimony seems to be allowed more and more these days, and many of the insiders ARE talking.

Debunking myths about Neil Armstrong

I have posted before, my own father chased a bonafide UFO in about as a fighter pilot for Canada. It was untraceable from the ground radar and during pursuit its rate of departure was huge. The chase was corroborated by an F86 Sabre who also had sighting over Montreal. There was nothing that was Black OP in those days like this. So I say it is time for the head in the sand small minds to look up and open up just a little to see the thinking is very very small out outstandingly naive.

Which company will win the new space race to the Moon?

The public NASA is just that. A face or facet for the public. Anyone, anyone in military knows there is much in many areas that precedes the public notification.

The PM article is classic straw man. The problem with UFO claims is that the evidence is always poor. Where are the hi-res photos and video of UFOs taken by members of the public?

Much of what was reported is accurate, and much is wrong — some is just plain silly

UFO sightings in outer space are sightings of unidentified flying objects reported by astronauts while in space that they could not explain at the time. These sightings have been claimed as evidence for alien visits by ufologists. UFO proponents see comments by astronauts or photos processed by NASA as one of the. The UFO was real and solid, because it was picked up by Muchea's tracking radar. by the National Broadcast Company, which was covering the flight step by step; National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle.

Where are pieces of non-terrestrial alloys and spacecraft or the alien bodies? A couple of pieces of good evidence of UFOs, such as an alien artifact, decent photos or alien bodies in would put an end to decades of speculation. The lack of any such evidence means that we should all be sceptical about such claims. No one else has either. People see what they want to see. Enhancing is really another word for manipulation. Crop circles, flying hub caps, stickers on a window, objects dangling from wires, etc. If UFO buffs really want credibility, then they should discourage such activity among the community.

If they do exist, then investing in good quality equipment should result in quite a payoff.

Anybody can make a wild claim. People used to claim to have seen fairies, gnomes, trolls, incubi, etc. Show us hard evidence. ND: Thanks for your reply. They were not at a distance to acquire visual. They had the means to actually manually direct and focus their radar. They could never gain visual but there was an F86 fighter in flight over Montreal who did have a visual that corroborated with their bogy and the trajectory.

As I under stand it, the Americans were waiting at their return and the debriefing was quite lengthy. Nothing more fanciful than that. Sure there is the lunatic fringe out there, but seriously, there are some serious no nonsense military people who have told their stories and are not vulnerable to such lame efforts to discredit. Efforts often generated by thoroughly ignorant lay people who know little and study even less. You want to hear about metals and technology? No one has discredited his work. He pretty much spells it out….

We are a very long way past that one story. Col Bearden, Bob Dean the list goes on. Get to the good stuff and stop with the amateur confusions. Their still twittering and deflecting about droplets on a little Pheonix leg. This said, of course UFOs exist.

Debunking myths about Neil Armstrong - Technology & science - Space | NBC News

Any flying object that is unidentified is a UFO, by definition. The problem is: crackpots jump to conclusions. I have military types in the family, sort of one is married to a cousin of mine. And what I found is that, as in any other line of work, they come in all kinds of flavors, from intelligent to downright imbecile, from educated to utterly ignorant, from mentally sane to hospice-crazy. Part of it stems from their condition as military types all that hyerarchy, exposure to unhealthy environments and following of orders has some consequences, I guess , another part of it is indivudual-based.

Without credible evidence, stories and claims are nothing but BS. Some may even be true, meaning that they report real, even if misidentified, fenomena, but the vast majority are fabrications made up by liers, hoaxers and attention-seekers. People that have books to sell, people that prey on the gullible.


A perfect example is sprites, those high-altitude lightnings that, when first spotted, crackpots also called evidence of alien presence on Earth. Of course. They just had to jump to conclusions, as they always do.

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After all, there have to be always books to sell, documentaries mockumentaries would be more apt a name to make and show on sensationalist media, conferences to speak at, etc. Otherwise they might be forced to, you know, WORK.