Conflicting Loyalties (Navy Gray Book 1)

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The emergence of strong natural leaders in a combat unit can be positive. Leaders must reward and recognize those who stand up and do the right thing under pressure — to validate positive behavior and help neutralize negative behavior.

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Pompeo was a conservative internationalist who had been shaped by his Cold War-era military service, and he remained a believer in American power as the guarantor of global stability. The gestures helped smooth his Senate confirmation. Now, far from home and surrounded by his enemy, Scot Harvath must battle his way out. Possessing nothing but her innocence and her fierce Irish pride, Brighid has no choice but to comply. How my session went with the young men preparing to become SEALs: I began with a few big-picture points about this book: This book may not help them tactically get thru SEAL training, but it should reinforce to them that the rigorous rite-of-passage they are going thru is to enter an honorable profession. Not heroes or monsters.

The Intolerance Rule. Excommunicate those who repeatedly or egregiously demonstrate bad conduct or a bad influence. Make the statement — it will NOT be tolerated.

The loyalty Rule. Recognizing how important loyalty is in a combat unit, it cannot supersede honor.

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Loyalty above all else, except honor. The Righteous Rule.

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Anyone who deviates from the standards of right moral conduct will be summarily removed from the unit, and will be sent home in shame. How my session went with the young men preparing to become SEALs: I began with a few big-picture points about this book: This book may not help them tactically get thru SEAL training, but it should reinforce to them that the rigorous rite-of-passage they are going thru is to enter an honorable profession.

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Honor is paramount — not just at home but on the battlefield. They are part of a much larger effort in the American military to shape the character and battlefield behavior of combat forces. SEAL training is just one piece of that. Other services have their own versions which are very good. It also addresses how our warriors fit into the general culture of America and what America expects of them.

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Shrouded Loyalties

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Feels like a storm coming up, too. They'd parked the farm truck at the edge of Hangman's Ridge. With the wind in their faces picking up, the truck seemed far away. Once inside the old GMC, Sister shivered. She burrowed down in her seat as he drove.

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She wanted to say more about whatever she'd seen on the top of Hangman's Ridge but thought she'd better shut up. They pulled into the kennel just as a weary Doug Kinser walked in, a gorgeous hound trailing behind him.

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As Douglas led Archie, the hound, to the male side of the kennel, he said, "Sitting in front of a fox den. He wouldn't budge.

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He was pretty funny. He knows to come when he's called, but it's hard to fault a hound who hunts and dens his fox. Sister walked over to Archie, one of her favorites. He knew better than to offer her a ride. He walked into the central section of the foxhound kennel, the feeding room. The housing for the hounds was built around this square and neatly divided in half by a concrete wall.

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Males to the left. Bitches to the right. Outbuildings off this core kennel housed sick hounds, segregated for their own good. Another building was the nursery, a place for bitches or gyps, as they were known, to birth and raise their puppies. Just sitting there looking up at the hanging tree. Someone up there with an old scythe over their shoulder.

Couldn't see their face. Had on a cloak, kind of, with a hood. I called Archie to me and bent down to check him over and when I stood up, whoever it was was gone. Shaker opened the heavy metal gate, turning Archie into the sleeping area where the other dog hounds, burrowed in straw, raised their heads then lowered them. They'd hunted hard that day and were curled up for the night. I didn't see a thing.

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Now I wished I'd seen him or whoever. Shaker glanced around the kennel. Everything was in order. I hate getting up in the morning to dirty tack. About a quarter of a mile on the north side of Hangman's Ridge, running parallel to it, was Soldier Road, so named because during the Revolutionary War, the recruits hurried down the road to gather at the town square. Along that road, at sunset, Fontaine Buruss was driving his sleek Jaguar back into town.

He'd conveniently forgotten that he'd promised to repair the coop he'd banged up during the morning's hunt. His mind was focused on meeting a lady for mutual pleasure. If he timed it exactly right, he'd be home in time for dinner. A cloaked figure, scythe on his shoulder, beckoned to him as he drove along the ridge. With his right hand he waved Fontaine toward him. When he reached his affairette of the month, the beautiful and much younger Cody Jean Franklin, the first thing he said to her was, "That goddamned Crawford Howard tried to scare me today. Her relationship with her equally petulant brother really put my patience to the test, too.

Almost every Belzene we meet is difficult to like for that matter. For the good guys, none of them sure acted like it. Despite the Dhanvaks being portrayed as the enemy, the Dhanvak characters we meet are much more relatable and sympathetic, even if they come from a country that actively oppresses women. Can I also say how refreshing it is to see the lighter skinned race being portrayed as the more tribal, patriarchal society? Holland, our main Dhanvak character, was truly compelling and I ended up really feeling sympathy for her. Talk about a double agent! While the world building was impressive, the reader is immediately dropped into this universe without much explanation.

Final Thoughts Military science fiction is my ultimate guilty pleasure because it not only takes you away to another place entirely different from your own, but you get non-stop action with it too. Despite a few character issues, Shrouded Loyalties has pulled this off with an exciting and creative take on the genre. It also incorporated some truly terrifying horror scenes that creeped me out to my core. Additionally, the book continually puts the reader to the test as we try to figure out who we should be rooting for and why. Read my full review on my blog!

Thank you to Angry Robot and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for my review May 14, Dexter Marshall rated it it was amazing.