Life Is Fair: Everything Happens for a Reason

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It is not my gallbladder, I catch that much. But now it is everywhere.

Alan Watts Everything Happens For A Reason

I get it. I picture her, standing near an office phone riffling through charts. Likely there are more people to call. Is God fair? Does God even care? One of my favorite stories told by prosperity preachers comes from one of the original televangelism duos, Gloria Copeland and her husband, Kenneth.

So when a tornado threatened to destroy their home, said Gloria, they crept in the night to their porch to face down the storm.

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And so, they said, the storm turned and went another way. After all, what father, when his child asks for bread, would give him a stone? Fairness is one of the most compelling claims of the American Dream, a vision of success propelled by hard work, determination, and maybe the occasional pair of bootstraps. Wherever I have lived in North America, I have been sold a story about an unlimited horizon and the personal characteristics that are required to waltz toward it.

It is the language of entitlements. It is the careful math of deserving, meted out as painstakingly as my sister and I used to inventory and trade our Halloween candy. In this world, I deserve what I get. I earn my keep and keep my share. In a world of fair, nothing clung to can ever slip away. He was like beachfront property when I probably could have settled for a suburban condo. At the time, however, I mostly thought about how beautiful he was, how great he was at explaining the finer points of skateboarding, and how he would never lose his hair.

Now he rushes into my office and throws his arms around my neck, and all my words are pouring out. I have loved you forever. Please take care of our son. I will! But the truth is not going to help us anymore. I call my parents on the walk to the hospital, but I have to stop and lean against a high stone wall for a minute.

Not Everything Happens for a Reason | Psychology Today

Toban puts his hand on my back to steady me. We are both gone, gone, gone somewhere else, flitting back and forth between now and where we used to be. You have to change your will!

If this is your biggest problem, you have a pretty good life.

I have been, coincidentally, drawing up a living will for my life insurance policy, a policy I will be denied because they will find out that I have cancer and reject the claim, a bet they no longer want to take. But right now my mother is confused.

So let's not confuse ourselves. Love isn't unfair, people are. Everybody has different feelings. It is obvious that sometimes our feelings don't match with others. You shouldn't count that as unfair, it is just the way it always happens. Try to find someone who loves you for who you really are, that will make you understand that actually love is fair. Anonymous December 23rd, pm.

Well, love is love. You can't really control it. It takes time to find the right person. Just believe in yourself.

Love is unfair because sometimes the people we love, don't love us back. Love is an emotion and we cant force people to feel a certain way. Why is life so unfair? Life is all about lessons that make us stronger individuals.

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Holistic Intuition Society. He blames her for the wonderful wife he has. Fairness and justice are deeply held values. And you may see them as awful. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Diane Ahlquist. However, do I now move through life questioning everything that I do because it may cause a terrible effect?

Every obstacle in life is for us to gain knowledge about others and ourselves. Everything happens for a reason. What doesn't make sense today makes more sense tomorrow. Yes love can hurt and everyone who has truly loved someone has felt that pain. It does get better with time as time heals all wounds.

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Best of luck! Anonymous July 28th, am. Because love is never enough. All sorts of other things come into making a relationship work - trust, a common goal, things you can do together, a good sex life. It's only when everything is in perfect balance that love will last. Anonymous December 18th, pm.

‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ and ‘Natural Causes’ Review: The False God of ‘Wellness’

Love is a tricky thing. Its wonderful and amazing. But it is also nasty and mean. What makes it unfair is we have zero control over how others feel about us. Because not everyone is as big hearted as you may be people are all different and you need to find the person that you want to be better for not who wants you to be better.

Love if unfair because it brings pain, but it is also fair because it brings you closer to meeting someone you deserve the most. Love becomes so unfair when you love someone but never love you back.

A. There are three ways you can create a Gates Notes account:

Love becomes so unfair when the love we gave just not enough for them. Love becomes so unfair when the person we love, love someone else. All of these are the reasons why love is so unfair.

“Life is happening for me”

It's up to you if you will let yourself get hurt. Give yourself some respect and love before you pour out all of the things that builds you. Anonymous December 8th, pm. Love is not unfair. Love is just tricky, and you have to learn everything HE wants to show you in order to get to the "one". Love can be wonderful, life affirming, and enriching to all of us, but without the low points, the high points become meaningless. Don't let the low points skew your view of love. Ever heard that saying "Everyone can buy crystals, but the lucky one gets the diamond".

Reward Yourself

That's how love is. Pretty rare, and when you do get it, it stays. And the people who fight for it really hard, it breaks. Just like the crystal does. Love isn't unfair. It's the expectations arising out of it.