Little Peter Tweed Tail Set Pattern - 5 Sizes Included

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Add Kaia Babydoll to favorites. Add Rainbow Dress to favorites. The 4th and final design for this series! The basket is filled with a sweet little Putz styled house, tree and snowman. Santa and Rudolph are ready to hop down the chimney to bring good boys and girls toys. Design is worked on 40 count Summer Khaki linen over 2 threads.

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The fabric has a nice stretch, that will help hide all body flaws, yet is breathable, so you can eat in peace. The male has a spectacular tail composed of: 1 a central pair of long ribbon-like dark-brown median plumes; 2 six pairs of long, filmy and luxuriant filamentary feathers, which are black-brown above and dark grey below; and 3 a long broad fully webbed outermost pair of lyrates, which are black-brown above and dark grey below. Evening dress, M. The design is worked on 28 count Mushroom Lugana over 1 thread. Lochinver was to have had a fish processing factory in the 's. For the UK this represented a reversal of over fifty years of protection for immature fish.

Stitch count - 93 wide X 81 high. The linen color and floss selection gives this piece a lovely vintage feel. Finished upon a mache box to fill with wintery-themed treasures! Design is worked on 40 count Salt Marsh Green linen. The little candy cane in the cardinals mouth is over 1, rest of design is worked over 2 linen threads.

Stitch count - 55 wide X 80 high. These birds truly do depict love and dedication to one another as they mate for life. The piece features a little Chickadee perched upon an oversized holly bough. Small house and sleigh motif adds extra charm and detail to this sweet piece. Design is worked on 36 count Dove linen over 2 threads. Design is worked on 36 count Tin Roof linen over 2 threads. Cross stitch pattern of a portrait of a black and tabby cat with yellow eyes and whiskers, together with two tiny witches. One of the witches is riding on the cat's back. The other seems ready to jump on too.

The stitching is worked in soft palette of autumn colors, also used for the surrounding acorn motif and quaker star.


This design will turn into a cute little Halloween ornament or cushion. Stitch count - 64 X This witch is quite a character! A thick eyebrow emphasizes the voluntary look, red hair flying at the back of her head. Standing solidly on two legs, she scours the garden in search of the perfect pumpkin!

Cross stitch pattern for a stylized picture of a white deer. The deer is wearing a medieval-inspired costume. Stitch it as instructed or sub out with more Christmas colored flosses for a wonderful holiday piece! Stitch count - 77 x Riding his reindeer through the woods, Santa is in a hurry.

He wouldn't want to be late!

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This chart is a companion piece to the Sadie Woods sampler. This sampler was stitched 1 year later by Sadie. A bit of fantasy is added with the oversize butterfly - already present in the first sampler, but with a more sophisticated feel. Pattern for a lovely Christmas design.

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Fall edition is here and it may be my most favorite yet! Chart includes all designs picture. Chart for a wonderful autumn-themed designs. Designs are worked on 32 count linen over 2 threads. It reads, Autumn leaves are falling, there's a chill in the air, gather ye thy bounty,harvest time is here. Tin is labeled with a photo of an antique sampler. These make great gifts for your stitching friends.

Then run floss between your fingers to evenly distribute the wax, that's it! Your stitches will lay nice and less knotting of floss. Look who's back and all ready for Halloween!! Two little brown field mice, who live an an old witche's boot are all ready for October 31st! Worked on a 40 count linen over 2 threads for all areas except the jack-o-lantern basket's eyes.

Those are worked over 1 linen thread, if you so choose. Linen braid is used for a hanger.

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Stitch count - wide X 84 high. This design came about in a conversation between designer Paulette and her daughter The idea lends itself to a wonderful Halloween design, look at that Old Crone on the Hill, will you?!! Design is worked on 36 count linen over 1 and 2 threads.

Stitch count - wide X 72 high.

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This is a companion piece to another new release titled Eat Crow. What a fun play on words and I love how the two birds are talking to each other! This design is worked on 36 count linen over 2 threads. Eat Crow is the companion piece to Buzz Off. Look at that old Buzzard, love the humor in this piece. Designs are both worked on 36 count linen over 2 threads. Stitch count - 58 wide X 48 high. A two project pattern with an Amish-themed, autumn design!

Pattern includes a piece of hand dyed velvet to finish one of the projects.

1950's Style

This 5" hoop is constructed from Japanese Cypress and features an inside tension strip so there is no metal hardware on the outside to catch your floss. Simply pinch the inner hoop at metal strip when placing hoop onto the fabric and you will enjoy nice tension as you stitch. Punchneedle pattern for a sweet Autumn-themed squirrel.

Pattern includes the tracing template, you supply the weavers cloth. Pattern for a sweet little maiden taking in the lovely dahlias in her pumpkin patch.

Sublime luxurious tweed dk 6095 3 Cushion Covers Downloadable Knitting Pattern

The pattern includes the two tiny wooden pumpkin buttons. Design calls for 28 count linen, working over 2 linen threads. Stitch count 60 X Look at this guy!