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On an A group of South Africans and one Belgian plotted an inexpensive walking holiday, combining affordable Kruger: Tiger hunting In the leopard triangle 15 August With two-million hectares to choose from, you need to be either retired with a trust Latest Issue Archive.


Subscribe to Magazine Digital. Strang was found guilty and died by hanging. Elsie, who put the blame on her lover and benefited from family connections, got off. Jackson was a witness for the prosecution.

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In her testimony, she dropped a whopper, revealing that Strang had interrupted her dinner prep to ask how much she would charge for poisoning Whipple. When Jackson refused — not "for the State or the whole world!

Later on, Strang tried to spook her with talk of prowlers around the house. Jackson, 50, was apparently the last slave in the Cherry Hill household at the time of the murder. Around two months later, she was freed, or manumitted 10 years after New York state passed its problematic, foot-dragging "gradual emancipation" , allowing her to testify. Many details remain elusive. Did she have family in Albany?

New species of ancient human unearthed in the Philippines

A husband, kids? Prince was a butler at the Schuyler Mansion, where he tended to the family and their guests at the Georgian-style manse built in the s for Gen. Philip Schuyler and his wife, Catherine. He arrived there after issuing a appeal to "the Honourable Lady Schuyler," explaining the dire circumstances under his current owner and asking the Schuylers to take him on.

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He "has quite lost the use of my limbs with cold for want of Cloaths or Blanket," he wrote — or perhaps someone else wrote on his behalf. Of all the slaves in the Schuyler manse, said Heidi Hill, historic site manager at Schuyler and Crailo, "We know the most about Prince. But Prince must have been on in years by the time Angelica Schuyler Church wrote to her mother from London, asking: "How is old Prince?

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When I don't see the old man's name I think he is dead. Church's letter is quoted in a book by Georgina Schuyler that tracks the mansion's history from to The author notes: "Prince was an African, a slave. It was reported soon after he became a member of the household that he refused to eat with the other negroes on the ground that he was their superior in rank in Africa. Soon he was promoted, and he became a trusted and faithful servant.


Prince was such a fixture in the household that no less than John Jay himself — Founding Father and second governor of New York state — used his name as a cipher. Schuyler's plate," he explained in a letter to Philip Schuyler.

As with so many enslaved people, not much is known about Susanah. Not her parentage, not her past, not the exact rendering of her name. One clear fact: she was freed in Do manumit liberate and forever set free my negro woman slave named Susan or Susanah aged about Thirty seven years," wrote the widow and executrix of Abraham Ten Broeck.

But the folks at Ten Broeck Mansion have teased out some facts from her manumission documents. What they have so far: Susanah was likely born in , as the record lists her as The show covers new research and information about the Lions of Tsavo, human taxidermy, a photo of Harriet Tubman, and H.

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Holmes, among others. Part two of our annual roundup of unearthed news is a bit of a hodgepodge. It features identifications, very large finds, edible finds, art and letters, and some historical debunkings.

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And of course, we have everyone's favorite: exhumations. Invention Casket-a-go-go, Part 1. Before Breakfast How to put more serendipity in your life.

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Unearthed definition, to dig or get out of the earth; dig up. Over the past few years, macabre signs of vampire burials have been unearthed across Europe and. Marking International Mother Earth Day, the UN on Monday debated how “We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to.

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