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In doing so, it is critical for Mexico to focus attention on some of the more at-risk migrants, like migrant women.

The extreme violence is reflected in data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, which ranks Honduras as first, El Salvador as fifth, and Guatemala as sixth for countries with the highest rates of homicide. Moreover, El Salvador ranks first, Guatemala third, and Honduras seventh globally for rates of female homicides.

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Perilous Chance eBook: J.M. Ney-Grimm: Kindle Store. If only Mama were well. If only Papa were not like this. Clary needs a miracle, but wonders rarely step forth to solve life's problems. While her mama lies.

Without the ability to safely live in their home countries, many women flee seeking international asylum and protection. The number of asylum applications from Northern Triangle country citizens dramatically increased by 13 times from to in the combined countries of Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama. Some women first sought asylum in Mexico before later seeking asylum in the United States, but the women reported their claims were more difficult to prove to Mexican authorities.

Rough conditions ahead

This is the place we currently find ourselves. You lose the soldiers in the thick of the forest. Cyr, The world sits at a very precarious point once again in time. And longs for more than making do. But worst of all, worst of all, a vast shadow loomed above her, dark wings spanning distances too great for the grotto enclosing them, razor-sharp talons sparking with the spitting blue fire of a strange power. And there will be no announcement, no speech, no meeting, no nothing as to preempt its happening.

Others fled to the United States not knowing enough about the protection system in Mexico, but would have attempted asylum in Mexico with better information and facilities. Other migrants purposely avoided asylum in Mexico. Why would I go there?

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That would be no escape. The migration process is arduous, costly, and dangerous. Migrants often pay high fees to coyotes smugglers to facilitate the migration process. In other cases, it occurs with locals, such as bus drivers, who threaten to alert officials.

Criminal groups in Mexico kidnap more than 20, migrants each year. The reasons are not always convincing. Sometimes we yield to the temptation to explain how we came to write the book, though why anyone who has not yet read it should care is something of a mystery; if such history belongs anywhere, it ought to come at the end of the book rather than as front matter.

Perilous Chance

Sometimes we feel obliged to explain the plan of the book, which suggests that the logic of the presentation would otherwise be indiscernible -- a confession that ought to drive off a wary reader. Occasionally we use the opportunity to apologize for what the reader is about to read, pointing out what we would do differently if we were starting over; this practice must make many people wonder why the time and energy that went into the apology weren't devoted instead to remedying the deficiencies.

Now and then we review all the other ways in which the book might have been organized, presumably to assure prospective readers that they are about to get the best of the lot.

Much of the time, I suspect we are simply abiding by the well-known principle of debate, preaching, and exposition: Tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em what you told 'em; the author of this precept. That threw me off a little bit and caused me to not enjoy it that much.

I'm not saying it was a bad book though, someone else may like it.

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Rough conditions ahead

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