Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival

Epub Survivor Kid : A Practical Guide To Wilderness Survival 2011
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Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival (Denise Long)

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Quick Copy View. Place Hold. Add a Review. Add To List. Holly Springs Community - Childrens Non-fiction. And then started teaching at the University of Alaska and been doing that since the late seventies. Ryan Gray: What has been the response- so you started at Cornell and you start a program there to teach wilderness medicine, and that was part of a response to Katrina, correct?

Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival (Paperback)

Todd Miner: Yeah I received a phone call out of the blue about ten years ago from a faculty member at Weill Cornell Medical College who was looking for a collaborator on a grant he was writing. He had a number of emergency medicine docs and EMS providers, went down to Katrina to help out, and they basically got their biscuits spanked when they were down there. And so Jay Lemery, my colleague connected with me and we wrote a grant. We ended up teaching some classes together, we started a wilderness medicine elective for med students, and really enjoyed teaching that class.

We got great feedback consistently; these third and fourth year medical students would tell us that it was the best class they had in their four years of medical school, and that really I think charged both of us. And during this time I was the Executive Director for Cornell Outdoor Education in Ithaca, about five hours away from New York City and the medical school, and saw a similar need on the Cornell campus with premed students.

We had a number of just really bright, really energetic premed students who were part of our outdoor- they were our outdoor leaders for the Cornell Outdoor Education program. They were stuck in classes, and labs, and lectures, and really were hungry to get their hands dirty with medicine, with actually talking with physicians and getting involved.

The hunger of the premeds for actually getting involved with physicians was palpable. How do I get clinical experience? I find it so hard. Ryan Gray: So talk about that. Talk about the program and why you set it up at the University of Colorado, and what the response has been. Todd Miner: Sure.

And so we put together a two week program; the first week focused on emergency medicine on the medical campus, in the hospital, very much hands on.

Sort of a mini med school type of approach with lots of labs and lots of lectures, and then a week focused more on wilderness medicine and application up at a camp in the Rocky Mountains. So they get a really I think excellent introduction to the profession of medicine. We have about twenty different attending physicians and residents come in as guest lecturers, they share their stories about how they- what they majored in, what they did in between undergraduate and medical school if there was that gap, why they went into their specialty, what they love about medicine, what they hate about medicine.

In the summer we do a three day mini backpack trip to really get away from the plugs and the screens, and truly immerse ourselves in the great outdoors so that they can appreciate Colorado and the natural world as well as make the wilderness medicine part that much more relevant.

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Todd Miner: I am, for three days, yes. I personally love it, some students find it frustrating. Todd Miner: Yeah well I mean medicine is a team sport and so is the wilderness.

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Ryan Gray: So being in the Air Force as a flight surgeon, I had to go to survival school- SERE, and they taught us how to kill a rabbit, and a chicken, and de-feather the chicken, and skin and gut the rabbit. Do you teach that sort of stuff too? Ryan Gray: Is there a particular student that comes to these events or classes? Are they students that- are they mostly male students that know they want to be emergency room physicians, or is there a good mix of everything? I mean my favorite students are the ones that come from the city or the suburbs and have never camped before.

We probably have slightly more female than male students. Ryan Gray: Yeah and I would assume- and this is just kind of funny, with the looming zombie apocalypse I think these are great skills to have.

Todd Miner: Yeah, oh no absolutely. And so this preparation for a non world where one has to be much more self-aware, have situational awareness, be able to be self-sufficient I think is a life skill whether somebody ends up using it in medicine or ends up in a whole different career track, these are great and very valuable skills to have. Wilderness Survival Pocket Naturalist Guide.

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