The 2 week Get in Shape Bootcamp

Get Fit Quick: Your Two-Week Kickstart Guide
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When you are not training you have a beautiful resort to relax in. Depending on your budget you can opt for on-site standard accommodation beautiful Boutique or super luxurious Deluxe options:. Upgraded accommodation in another resort with a beautiful pool. Room typically consists of a studio style layout with a king-size bed and an additional window daybed for relaxation that can be converted to a queen-size extra bed. Even more of an upgrade, in a beautiful resort with 2 pools, minute walk or 2 minute bicycle ride to the training camp.

Bicycles provided free of charge on request.

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The location of the camp is in Phuket. Gorgeous white sand, tropical jungle, and a warm welcoming atmosphere awaits.

If you have not been to Thailand before, you will be amazed by how welcoming the Thais are. For the duration of the Bootcamp, you will be staying close to the camp, which is located in the centre of Phuket towards the south. You are only about 10 minutes away from the beaches, although you are not right by the beach. The environment around the camp is very much focused on training.

It is a little secluded which is perfect because temptation is not there to break from your routine, however, there is plenty to do and beaches and activities are very accessible. There is plenty of good nightlife in and around Phuket Town which is only a couple of minutes away by taxi.

Pack light but do bring suitable training gear. Remember you will be training in the heat. Thailand is very humid all throughout the year, so suitable clothing is essential. We will also provide you with a detailed kit list prior to arriving. This really depends on what you want to achieve. Most people go for at least four weeks, but many turn up for two weeks due to time constraints with work. No matter how long you go, we are confident you will see some impressive results.

Fitness by Service

Because you are there to train. And you have all of the support and help needed to achieve the goals you set yourself. You also have a huge amount of support: both mental and physical. If you are serious about muscle gain or weight loss we recommend going for at least 4 to 6 weeks. If you go long-term for 8 to 12 weeks the results can be life changing. Consistent feedback from clients who have been training for eight weeks or longer have highlighted impressive results. Well yes, it is.

Partly the reason is the international nature of the programme. Training facilities Western run but located in Thailand. That means we get considerable numbers of health and fitness professionals coming to train in Thailand and develop their skills. This is partly because of the quality of the training, and partly because of the environment. Thailand is just an amazing place to go and drop out of life for a while, and focus on your fitness.

That means the very best and latest techniques are constantly being tested at Bootcamp. It is not unusual for celebrities, and professional athletes to be training alongside you. Ultimately what you put in you get out, no one is going to force you into doing the exercises, but if you go there with a positive attitude with a view to participating you will definitely see amazing results.

This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different however the feedback from our clients is overwhelmingly positive.

Boot camp workout: Is it right for you?

We have people joining us from lots of different countries from different lifestyles and different backgrounds, But once they are at the camp, they all have one singular goal. To get fitter feel better and work hard to achieve it. Whether you are interested in losing some weight, or gaining muscle mass or just generally feeling fitter and better about yourself we are able to help you.


Added to the fact that you are joining the Bootcamp with a mental state of really going for it, by taking time out of your busy schedule, to work on yourself. This really packs a punch to sorting out your fitness, and surprisingly it is highly addictive. Ultimately what you can achieve is up to you, because it depends on how long you can go for and how committed you are. Food is included in the programme, 2 healthy Nutritious meals per day.

3 Days/Week

This consists of Breakfast and either Lunch or Dinner. The meal plan is specially designed to complement your fitness training goals. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or build muscle our menu has all the combinations you could ask for. What about the extra meal? There is a wide selection of healthy restaurants and eateries close to the camp. These have sprung up to service the needs of our clients and are therefore tailor-made for people focusing on their fitness. Typically Sunday is a rest day, and every couple of weeks we organise a new excursion for people to join.

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This can be visits to stunning beaches on some of the islands surrounding Phuket. Lunches in some of the beautiful high-class resorts in Phuket. Often we take full advantage of infinity pools and five-star hotels! These excursions are organised but not included in the cost of the programme.

Post workout nutrition is a highly important factor whether you are looking to increase muscle mass or lose weight. You are very welcome to bring this with you if you have a particular brand that you like, however, everything is available for you. The main brands that we are carrying are optimum nutrition, muscle farm and muscle tech. If you are new to using workout supplements do not worry, we have expert nutritionists available to give you some guidance and appoint in the right direction.

Pre-workout supplements can fire you up, maximise your endurance and keep you going during your workouts. Especially in Thailand with the pace of training is full on and it is a very hot humid environment. Post workout supplements are essential for help you repair damaged muscle tissue, enabling your body to recover quicker meaning you are ready to smash out your next workout the following day.

We also keep a full range of vitamins, fat burners, fish oils and various other supplements as well. The first thing to mention is that no two days will be the same.

Also depending on your own personal fitness goals timetables can vary depending on the fitness programs you select. You do not have to decide which classes to attend on your own, the fitness program will be tailor-made for you, so you can best work on the goals that you are facing. The training facility has two gyms which you can use. An indoor gym and an outdoor gym. These are open from around 7 AM if you wanted to do a pre-group session warm up. Most people opt to jump straight into cross training which happens at 9 AM.

Sundays are generally taken off, with free time to explore the beautiful surroundings of Phuket. Evenings are taking your leisure as well, and Thailand has plenty of activities outside of the Bootcamp that will really make this more than just a fitness holiday. We advise you to book well ahead because we do book out frequently.

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Your full payment will be made 12 weeks prior to departure, so payment plans are applicable if you are travelling within six months but not within three months of departure. This means you still have three months to save the spending money not that you need much and flights after you have cleared your full balance.

Consider that a commitment to yourself, that you will go ahead and begin this fitness journey. A beautiful private ensuite, set in landscaped Thai gardens with access to multiple swimming pools.

The Nutrition

So, I have been coming for 12 months and I am really happy with the quality of the sessions. Balanced with proper nutrition, support and a team-like environment, a better quality of life is guaranteed! See how to get in shape without trying too hard or spending too much. The badass-ness of pushing myself to physical limits I didn't even know I had and of punching, kicking, and beating the crap out of something felt cathartic—and I knew during our workouts that every agonizing burpee was making me stronger. Our camps meet Monday-Friday from am to AM. If I have an injury or discomfort will I be able to do camp? Perfect for beginners!

There is plenty to do in the area, lots of little restaurants, spas and activities. We are not right at the beach but it is only a short 10 min taxi ride away. At your disposal, you have a very well-equipped 3-floor indoor gym, and outdoor covered training area, military assault course, and a sprint track.

We have various health and support stations throughout the camp, providing nutrition advice, supplements, and additional personal training. We also have a dedicated yoga studio as well. The facility was created brand-new in with fitness training in mind. What sets this apart from other training camps in Thailand, is this is not a kickboxing or martial arts training centre with a bit of fitness on the side. The camp is located in the south-central part of Phuket in Chalong. This is about 10 minutes by taxi from the beaches. Away from the touristy overcrowded resorts, the training facility backs on to the Thai jungle, and is overlooked by the big Buddha off to the distance.

No matter what your fitness goals with a varied selection of fitness programs available you will reach them. Contact us now to find out what you can achieve in your own particular timeframe. The foundation of a great fitness class is the atmosphere and group dynamic with perfect programming to make the class and exercises fun. Everyone is here for the same reason to train, have fun and get in shape.

Bikini Body Bootcamp - Exclusively at Evolutions Annapolis Health Club

You will also push yourself in a whole other way when you are in a group class compared to when you do your own workout in a gym, this is core efficiency and will maximize your results. Learn new exercises, proper techniques to widen your own knowledge about training. The coaches will monitor your form and technique to prevent future injuries.

Cross Training has become extremely popular in recent years by utilizing a variety of functional training exercises, equipment, and methods. In this class, coaches will be using a high level of intensity and pace to reach these goals. Variety will be a big factor in how classes will be programmed. Participants should expect to push themselves and be rewarded by these taxing challenges. This class is 45 min long and more intense than the other classes. You chose to scale this class by using light or heavier weights and the intensity.