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According to Fuse , the singer and his wife were headed to Los Angeles to see previews of his band's new musical "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots," and told the police he was given the grenade as a joke at a party. It should be noted that grenades, along with fireworks, dynamite and other explosives are specifically prohibited from being packed in carry-on or checked luggage. Sorry Sorry Sorry!! Everyone that was inconvenienced because of my grenade at OKC airport!!

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Celebrity Photos Of The Week:. I The thickened, gelled or solidified fuel filling may be modified to accelerate its ignition, particularly when it is to be used in a.

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To accomplish this modification, additives of certain low fire point substances may be used, e. Such additives need not be too volatile and may be safely mixed with the fuel.

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Ridgway crossed the lab to another instrument that identifies chemical elements. We were planning to get them X-rayed to see what was inside. Janet Street-Porter. You can literally blast an entire "spawn group" with one grenade. Even worse, I suspect the fire effects from multiple incendiary grenades don't stack despite of how long they take to burn through. Conservator Chelsea Blake preserves part of an hour glass from the Betsy, a British ship sunk in the York River in Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates.

The grenade will withstand indefinite immersion in water or exposure to the most severe conditions of high humidity. It functions fully satisfactorily at all operational temperatures, even over the range from F.

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The igniter, being sealed in glass, is subject to no deterioration whatsoever under any conditions or time of storage. The complete unit can be shipped with little danger. An alternate scheme which provides still greater security is to ship the unit without gasoline but with the proper amount of Napalm or other solid thickening agent in the glass jar. Just before use, the cap may be unscrewed and the jar filled with gasoline.

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Then" the cap may be put in place and the unit shakeir and given a few minutes to allow for gelation. The grenade has many tactical uses.


When thrown against a wall or other hard surface, the grenade forms a wide splatter of flaming sticky gel which adheres to the target and exerts a very efficient incendiary effect. Thus the unit is well adapted for use in demolishing factory buildings, warehouses or dwellings. It is also a very efiective anti-tank weapon.

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A hit somewhere near either the turret or the air intake of a hostile tank can be very destructive. The gel will adhere to the metal surface and will continue to burn for several minutes.

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The flames can thus be drawn into the tank with resulting attrition of the crew, stoppage of the motor or combustion of lubricating oil in the revolving turret. The grenade is conveniently set for action since it can be promptly armed and can be of convenient size for throwing by hand. At the instant the grenade strikes the target, its incendiary action is begun, and the incendiary fuel remains on the target. It is to be understood that although the invention has been described with reference to specific preferred embodiments, other modifications come within the spirit and scope thereof. An incendiary grenade comprising in a frangible container a carbonaceous fuel, a hermetically sealed glass bulb charged with an igniting fluid which remains liquid at temperatures as low as about F. An incendiary device adapted for instantaneous ignition upon impact with adequate force, comprising a glass container filled with a sticky gelled gasoline, a separate hermetically sealed glass ampoule having a re-entrant portion charged with an igniting fluid which is spontaneously inflammable in air, said ampoule being substantially immersed in the gelled gasoline, a metallic bifurcated supporting means secured to said container and extending into said re-entrant portion, and a glass-fracturing body detachably mounted in said re-entrant portion on said supporting means wholly within said container and secured with relation to the ampoule in a safe position to avoid fracturing the ampoule until said body is released into an armed position and the grenade receives a predetermined adequate impact.

An incendiary grenade comprising a glass jar, a screw cap cover for the jar, said screw cap covering having an aperture, a cotter pin fastener having a looped end protruding above the cover and projecting through the aperture of the cover into the jar, a steel fracturing member detachably secured to said fastener, a glass ampoule having a Dewar bulb form, said ampoule hermetically inclosing a liquid organo-metallic incendiary compound which ignites spontaneously in air, a plastic seal attaching said ampoule to the cover with the ampoule providing a recess space for inclosing said steel fracturing member mounted on a bent end of the cotter pin, and a pull ring passed through the looped end of the cotter pin above the cover for manipulation in arming the grenade by removal of the cotter pin.

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