Till Undeath Do Us Part

'Til Undeath Do Us Part
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Sam had fallen asleep with you still beside him, so you got up and went to the kitchen.

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Bobby's wife was nowhere in sight but you could hear footsteps coming from behind you. Glancing over your shoulder, Dean was rubbing his eyes.

Smiling at your friend, you just shrugged your shoulders. You didn't actually know what you were doing. Opening the two sliding doors, you flicked on the light, making the dim light illuminate the small space. Dean placed a hand over his eyes to shield them from the light.

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Suddenly, your stomach started growling so you started searching for something edible to eat. You slammed the door shut and started to look through cabinets. You couldn't hear Dean's cuss for you were guessing the slamming of the door scared him. Running a hand through your hair, you quickly walked over to Dean and placed your hands on his shoulders.

Sam yawned and started to clean up the mess but when you bursted through the door, he went to investigate. What's with all the calories? Reaching into the bag, you quickly pulled out a box of fries and opened it. When you began to eat, Sam watched you carefully.

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You were acting as if you hadn't seen food for years Well in that case, you really haven't but it still made no sense to him. Later that day, you kept leaving to go out and get more food. Does something seem wrong with them? Or is it just me? Just then, the sound of a plate shattering made Sam and Dean rush to the kitchen, thinking that a monster was inside the house but inside, they found you lying on the floor.

Glass was cutting your forearm but no blood arrived. Confused, you quickly hid the wound and rose to your feet with the help of the two brothers. When did you get back? I'm fine! Just got dizzy, that's all Hungry" You whispered. You didn't answer. Instead, you stared at the two of them like they were fresh pieces of meat waiting to be eaten.

Confused, Sam tried to step forward and when he did, something took over and you leapt at him, knocking him off his feet. He hit the ground with a thud and in seconds, Dean was dragging you off of him and holding you back. You continued to cry out and thrash around and the only way to get you to stop was to knock you out.

Glancing over, you tried to get up but you were tied down to the couch. Suddenly, it's like a flash back just hit play in your mind and you started to remember.

And you knew what would happen if he didn't stop you. If he didn't put you down well he had the chance. You held out your hand that was closest to him and he clutched it. You smiled, watching him as he sniffled.

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He knew something was wrong with you and he couldn't help. It's the only way Everything" You continued. Slowly, Sam turned around and made full eye contact with you. I remember you holding me well I bled to death. I remember standing beside you as you held my limp form Go to wishlist Keep shopping.

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Looking over, the two made full eye contact before anger swept into the younger Winchester and he rose to his feet. I'm officially back!! I remember you holding me well I bled to death. Francis Eloise marked it as to-read Feb 10, Crow Shine.

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'Til Undeath Do Us Part

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Till Undeath Do Us Part book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Josh and Olly: students, rowers, lovers.A research experime. Volume I of the Cryptid Series, 'Til Undeath Do Us Part, launches an amazing journey into a world where all is not as it seems, and danger lurks for the unwary.