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These Apple Execs Will Run The Show Now That Steve Jobs Is Gone
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Who gives her money : Traditionally law firms and the food and dairy industry. Biggest idea for the economy : New measures to make it easier for small and mid-sized US businesses to export goods worldwide. Social media following : Twitter : ,, Facebook : ,, Instagram : 51, Who will like this candidate : Folks looking for a Goldilocks candidate—neither too left nor too right, and a woman who appeals to midwestern voters.

A Brooklyn-born self-described democratic socialist, Sanders was elected mayor of Burlington , Vermont in by a margin of just three votes. He was elected to the US House of Representatives in , and the US Senate in , where he remains today—the longest-serving independent senator in the history of the US.

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His top sources of funding include liberal advocacy group MoveOn. Biggest idea for the economy : Sanders would like to make public colleges tuition-free , increase Social Security benefits , and make corporate America more union-friendly. Social media following : Twitter : 8. After months of speculation, the former US representative and El Paso, Texas city councilman, tech-company founder, and onetime punk rocker announced his presidential bid in a March 14 video. Who gives him money : His race against Cruz was mainly funded by individual contributors but he took PAC money in previous elections.

They included stronger anti-trust regulations to break up monopolies and encouraging companies to invest profits in their employees and communities.

Social media following : Twitter : 1. Who will like this candidate : Democrats disillusioned with party leadership especially millennials , immigrants, veterans. Who will hate this candidate : Voters hungry for nitty-gritty details on what his policies would be, Democrats who want the party to stay away from divisive, culture-war issues. He personally contributed the remaining half through a loan. Social media following : Twitter : 7, Facebook : 4, Instagram : 5, During his eight terms in Congress, Ryan, a native Ohioan, has been a vocal backer of union labor, renewable energy, and single-payer healthcare.

He wants to revitalize American manufacturing , public education, and support struggling US veterans. Back story : Ryan was first elected to the House of Representatives in After college, he worked for late Ohio congressman James Traficant, who left office when convicted on corruption charges. Ryan is a devotee of meditation and mindfulness, and wrote a book about it, A Mindful Nation , in Biggest idea for the economy : Ryan has talked about creating jobs in electric-vehicle manufacturing and other green industries. He is pro-business and pro-fracking, and cautions against Democrats moving too far to the left.

Social media following : Twitter : 72,, Facebook : 59,, Instagram : 3, Who will like this candidate : Centrists and moderate Democrats; people who prefer their politics middle-of-the-road.

ignamant.cl/wp-includes/81/1273-ubicacion-celular.php A gay Democratic mayor in South Bend, which is a conservative, Republican stronghold, Buttigieg presented a progressive message geared towards millennials in a Jan. His LGBTQ, Harvard- and Oxford-educated profile may appeal to coastal elites and his midwest roots may give him an advantage in the rest of the country.

Buttigieg formally announced his candidacy April Biggest idea for the economy : Increase public protections of jobs and benefits to help make the employment market more dynamic without the fear of personal debt tied to college loans and medical bills. Who will hate this candidate : Voters looking for a more experienced candidate, conservative Christians. Biden, who entered the race officially with a campaign video April 25 , already leads in the polls.

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Biggest idea for the economy : His Biden Institute is pushing tech education and increased bargaining power for American workers as a solution to the left-behind working and middle class. Social media following : Twitter : 3. Who will like this candidate : Democrats who think a safe pair of hands is a tested white man, independents nostalgic for the Obama administration, Republicans Trump has lost.

Who will hate this candidate : Progressive millennials eager for a new generation of leaders, far-right conservatives who hated Obama. Social media following : Twitter : ,, Facebook : ,, Instagram : 7, Who will like this candidate: Voters who respond to pugnacious attacks on Trump and Republicans; those looking for a health care fix that satisfies many parties.

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Bullock pledges to force every company that wants government contracts to disclose every campaign donation, outlaw superPACs and overturn Citizens United. Social media following : Twitter : ,, Facebook : 44,, Instagram : 6, Who will hate this candidate : People who have lost count of the number of white male Democratic candidates and are looking for a different kind of representation; the Koch brothers, who have built up a powerful behind-the-scenes campaign donor network.

Flip-flopping on major initiatives like the Amazon headquarters he embraced anti-Amazon activists at the last minute and failing to push for legalization of marijuana until this past December has turned off city residents. His progressive ideas could prove even less popular in red states.

A retired Navy officer and former National Security Council director of defense policy under Bill Clinton, Sestak represented a deep-red district of Pennsylvania as a Democratic congressman between and He is announcing his run later than other candidates because his daughter was successfully battling brain cancer.

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Who gives him money : His campaign was primarily powered by individual contributions, small and large. Amongst the top contributors are the University of Pennsylvania, liberal advocacy group J Street, and law firm Blank Rome. Biggest idea for the economy : Cut taxes for the middle class, raise corporate tax.

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Social media following : Twitter : 10,, Facebook : 17,, Instagram : The billionaire Democratic mega-donor, who is pushing to impeach Trump, confirmed his intention to run for president on July 9. Steyer, who made his money building hedge fund Farallon Capital, has morphed into an environmental activist and philanthropist in recent years. The year old donated more than any other American to political campaigns in He was expected to run for Senate in and governor of California in , but did not enter those races. His platform is primarily concerned with fighting corporate influence on politics.

Biggest idea for the economy : Steyer is likely to advocate for higher taxes for the wealthy, and a focus on economic growth through green jobs. Social media following : Twitter : , Facebook : , Instagram : 41, A lawyer, businesswoman, and novelist—she has sold over , romantic suspense novels under the pen name Selena Montgomery—Abrams was a Georgia state representative from to She was the Democratic candidate in the gubernatorial race in that state, losing narrowly to secretary of state Brian Kemp, who was later accused of voter suppression against women and minorities.

Who gives her money : Her gubernatorial campaign was largely financed by individual donations, many from outside Georgia. Biggest idea for the economy : Tackling working-class poverty by fighting stagnant wages, offering skills training, and encouraging financial literacy. Social media following : Twitter : ,, Facebook : ,, Instagram : , Who will like this candidate : Young voters who are looking for a radically different face for the American presidency, advocates for justice reform, expanded access to affordable education, and higher investment in the working class.

Who will hate this candidate : Voters looking for a candidate with ample experience in high office, people uncomfortable with the idea of a woman of color as president. The billionaire, who made his money in Wall Street financial-services information, announced he will not run in on March 5. Bloomberg became New York City mayor in , switching parties to run as a Republican. He controversially backed rewriting city laws to allow himself to run for a third term.

He re-registered as a Democrat in October Who will like this candidate : Other centrists who think a steady hand means an older billionaire; gun-control supporters. Who will hate this candidate : Anyone hungry to see a younger, less white, less male, non-billionaire be the face of the Democratic party. He made gun control his top priority, another issue likely to resonate with young voters.

He beat a longtime, well-established incumbent to get to Congress as a political neophyte, but lack of experience and low national profile proved tough to overcome.

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Age : 38 Years in politics : 9. In the past he took donations from a variety of industries, including finance and real estate, health, communications, and electronics. Social media following : Twitter : 93,, Facebook : 48,, Instagram : 19, Who will like this candidate : Voters who favor a bipartisan approach, including some moderate Republicans , millennials. Who will hate this candidate : Democrats looking for more diverse leadership, those wanting a candidate with a hefty resume in running government and policy. Learn more Apply now. Register Now. Learn More. Support Us. Read More. Volunteer to make a difference!

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